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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 2, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: ♪ >> bill: why are some liberal congress people opposed to defeating the taliban when those animals continue to brutalize women. did you see the cover of "time" magazine this week? what say you barney frank? >> uh -- >> something your government has said the federal government's boot is on the neck of bp. are you comfortable with that imagery, sir is your boot on the neck of bp? >> bill: fox news gets a front row seat in the white house briefing room. outraging the far left. >> i must be in the front row. >> we will tell you why that happened. >> that's not going to effect the way we operate. nothing is going to change. as far as the sheriff is concerned. >> bill: will arizona sheriff joe arpaio defy a federal court judge on illegal immigration?
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the sheriff will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks forever watching us tonight. why liberals oppose helping the people of afghanistan. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last week the house voted 308 to 114 to continue funding the war in afghanistan. 102 democratic congress people said no, including uner liberals like barney frank, maxine waters and dennis kucinich. 12 republicans joined them. this despite the fact that "time" magazine featured 18-year-old afghan woman on cover ears and nose cut off by her husband who objected to her conduct. taliban leader imposed the sentence. liberal philosophy is built around fighting oppression. you would think liberal would
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want to defeat the taliban at all cost that ♪ case. before they were removed by american special forces the afghan taliban brutalized the population. especially women. they commit atrocities, they're lunatics, they're dangerous to the world. yet 114 american congress people want to walk away from the conflict. right now in iran, a woman has been ordered stoned to death for committing adultery. a recent movie called the stoning of sarayam that is also practiced by the taliban that there is no question that if the u.s. withdraws from afghanistan, millions of people will be harmed should the taliban regain power. talking points believes the reason some liberal americans oppose continuing the war in afghanistan is that they see the u.s.a. as an oppressor. as a force that create more probs than it solves that mine set has been in play ever since vietnam and was recently illuminated by jane fonda in a conversation with fox news producer porter berry.
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>> what do you think about what happened to the 3 million vietnamese and cam bodyians after the u.s. troops left vietnam. >> it's too bad that we caused it to happen by going there n. there in the first place. >> bill: we caused it to happen. ms. fonda's opinion that america's foreign policy drives barbaric behavior is a very dangerous mind set. unfortunately, the war in afghanistan may turn out the way vietnam did. because we're backing a corrupt government and the people are scared to help us knowing the taliban could execute them if they do. but president obama is correct in giving the u.s. military a chance to defeat this terrible enemy. once again, america is trying to protect the innocent while the left objects. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. fox news getting a front row seat in the white house briefing room. the far left is going nuts. how did it happen in lynn suite who covers the sun times and james rosen.
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rosen how did we do this how did we get the front seat. >> we applied and granted it why the white house correspondent's association on really two bases. it was really an open and shut case. the correspondent's association looks at audience. fox news has the largest viewership of any cable news organization for something on the order of eight years now sometimes by two to one or greater measures. secondly is fox fox news' exempy participation since 1997 in the white house pool. this is the five network rotating organization that shares and shoulders the burdens and cost of covering the president every day. crews, personnel and so forth. when you add up those two things no other news organization could make equal case. >> bill: you say awarded by the white house correspondence association. could the white house have blocked that. >>. no they don't control that. >> bill: they don't have any say about it at all even though move on, ms. sweet and other left wing concerns are screaming about.
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this president obama, he couldn't have blocked it even if he wanted to. do you think the right decision was made by the association? >> it was. this is a self-governing body. it helps that everyone knows major garrett, the white house reporter, people know the camera crews and the producer who's are there. part-time can separate the shows like do you and people who go to the white house every day and do beat reporting work. the white house had nothing to do with this as jim said. part of this is amusement as somebody who sits on the aisle in the fifth row. i think it almost doesn't matter to the people who sit behind the first two rows where they sit. they could stand for all i care and take. they hog all the time in the briefing anyway. >> bill: i might be able to sneak down in there, rosen. >> you could. >> bill: sure i'm a fox news credentialed guy and i could sit in the front row believe me when i tell you that i will be there sometime down the line. and glenn beck might be there. hannity might be there.
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whoa. >> bill, you have a good seat anyway. fox was in the second row. >> bill: i know. buff if i'm right in front. that would be quite something. go ahead, rosen. >> i don't know how sneaky you can be. you are about 6'5". >> i'm not a sneaky guy anyway. what i will do is tie up garrett. see, he will disappear and i will come and just get in there let's get to rangel and waters both democratic congress people having ethical problems, ms. sweet. they want trials to try to, you know, acquit themselves in front of the house. a lot of democrats are saying this is going to damage the party even further because the exposition will go on in the fall right up until the election. do you concur? >> absolutely. it will be very tough when the republicans had the mark foley scandal on their hands a few years ago. the democrats were able to leverage that to their advantage. this is true basically for
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whoever is the party in trouble. if your people are in trouble at election time it is not helpful. democrats came in, talking about the culture of corruption in the capital. it does not help at all that two of their members, who are pretty senior and pretty well known are in trouble at this point. >> bill: going to be a big deal. going to hurt the democrats. rangel and waters not going to take one for the team i don't think, rosen. you know better than i do. i think both of these people feel aggrieved that they're being charged with ethical violations. >> congressman rangle has already engaged in some form of plea bargaining unsuccessfully. maxine waters, the congresswoman from california, all indications are she has not sought to plea bargain at all. very different cases, very different figures on capitol hill. the fact that they are both african-american might serve to inhibit republicans or outside groups from lumping the two of them together and saying democrats are corrupt, you should vote tore the republicans because they might be accused of playing racial politics there someone early indication, bill, that congresswoman waters
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intends to play racial politics with her case. she is accused, as just for the benefit of your viewers, of illegally or, i should say, violating house rules by intervening on behalf of a bank in which her husband had once had some financial interests during the great financial crisis in the fall of 2008. there are indications that that may have happened. but what congresswoman waters is saying that she wasn't standing up for a family bank. she was standing up for minority banks. if you look at the house ethics committee. that is going forward with these trials apparently at this time, if you look at the membership there are no for instance on it. there -- african-americans on it there is indication maxine waters may use racial politics to fight this battle. >> bill: i have to ask rosen one more question about this mosque business in new york city because you are covering that james. looks to me like that thing is not going to get done. i mean, clyde says in the "new york times" not a mosque anyway, it's like a community center.
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so what's your take on it. >> it is intended to be a mosque and a community center. 15 stories tall, $100 million in costs. swimming tools, am if i theaters, et cetera, modeled on the 92ened street y. if it's a matter of politics it looks like it will go forward. tomorrow on tuesday the landmark's preservation commission in new york is set to rule that the group that's trying to move it is k. go forward with the demolition of one of the key buildings necessary to go forward it has the backing of all the top elected officials in new york. what is problematic mostly for it is money. there is no evidence that they have the $100 million they need. >> bill: new york architectural people involved. i would be surprised to see that go. james, you would know better than i. ms. sweet, appreciate it next on the rundown how the waters rangel trial also effect obama himself. bernie goldberg on whether race is in play with the ethics violations and viola
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[ but aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. >> bill: continuing with lead story maxine waters and charlie rangel ask v. asked for trials so they can rebut charges against them. joining us from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. do you want to say something about fox getting the front row seat white house briefings, right? >> i do. i was a white house correspondent for the "the washington post" for many years during the reagan administration
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so it's way back. let me tell you, getting that front row seat is significant. it means that if the president or whoever the major news maker at the moment is comes into the room however briefly you will get your question answered. the second thing to say is here remember that the obama administration a woman named anita dunn now gone tried to make the case that fox was not a legitimate news organization. now fellow news organizations have confirmed that fox is to be treated as a legitimate news organization. i can't imagine that dan pfeiffer, who is now the exiewngses communications director is doing succeeded dunn is biting his tongue. >> bill: robert gibbs has got to be the happiest man in washington because he knows i'm going to show up. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> i want to add i think it's probably -- the man's name is major garrett. how can a man named major
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garrett not be in the front row at the white house briefing room. it's perfect. >> bill: he has been on vacation. we are giving him a lot of jazz. go back to maxine waters. very astute in saying that wasn't sticking up husband was associated with. oh no, no, no. she was sticking up for all the minority banks. you are coming after me, that means you are coming after minority interests in this country. i wouldn't be surprised at all to see maxine waters do that. that's her history. >> no. >> bill: in light of the shirley sherrod thing. you know, it's intimidating force, is it not? >> it is. but there is more to it obviously. that is the kind the surface. the deeper issue is. this the ethics group, since they have been really formed to do this since i think it's 2008 or 9, they have gone after 8 members of the congressional black caucus. as a result, people in the congressional black caucus have gone after ethics committee and said they have too much power and they are picking on, you
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know, black people. well, now, you are going to see from maxine waters is a direct finger pointing exercise and i think given that charles rangle is black and that she is black and charlie rangel who i think is a wonderful guy is a co-founder of the black caucus, you can imagine how all the people who want to stir the racial waters. >> bill: i think so. >> it's going to get nasty. just what we don't need. >> bill: let's assume that does happen, mary katharine, does this effect directly president obama or can he stay above the fray? >> look, i think it's going to get very ran kerr russ. it's going to get bad for democrats. obama i'm not sure about because he threw rangle under the bus. >> bill: wouldn't you if you were president? >> i thought it was surprising to go at him. >> bill: you thought obama was going to stick up for rangel and rent his condo in the dominican republic? is that what you thought he was going to do. >> let's be clear, obama was very good at throwing people
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under the bus. i thought it was a little early. >> bill: casting an aspersion on the president where the evidence is overwhelming. come on, mary katharine. >> you are right. >> bill: what is he supposed to say? that's okay, charlie, you can rent your condo and not declare the income. fine. comen o. -- come on. >> that's what rangel is saying. >> bill: supposed to get presidential pardon? >> obama is doing the right thing by not standing by him which is why he won't get caught up in all of this. it's going to get ugly especially with the race stuff that's going to be thrown around. the fact is it's not a race issue. they will wind up being symbols of the entitlement washington. that's what people are mad about. it's not -- >> bill: not a race issue but it will be made one. >> it will be made into a circus. fully embrace that angle. gleefully embrace it that's what the press will do. all right. real quick on this mosque in new york city. i mean, i understand the
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sensibilities here. somethin' tells me this thing is not going to get done. do you have a problem with it. >> i do personally. i think as an american people can build whatever they want and live wherever they want and open a business. that's what we stand for and our principles. in this case, this guy, this imam or whatever says is he about cross cultural understanding and building bonds and healing. well, in that case, he is a liar because all this is doing is provoking an tag gone nism, bitterness by everybody involved. that thing shouldn't be there, bill. i don't know why you think it won't. >> bill: because i think that there are powers behind the scenes that are gonna make it very difficult for that thing to ever come about. >> bloomberg says it's okay with him. >> bill: i'm a new yorker. i know how things work behind the scenes here, juan. there is not a big populace movement to build this thing, you know what i'm talking about in that's a new york expression you know what i'm talking about?
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>> they tried to get historic commission to say it was historic site. that didn't work. >> bill: they got other things. i would be surprised. mary katharine, give me the last word. >> it is going to take a populist upriding against the building of it to happen. the political forces are aligned to say this is a okay. there are problems with this guy's associations. there is some funding questions that probably need to be investigated if this is supposed to be a sensitive and healing thing going on here in this very sensitive area, then that should all be open to the public and investigated. there are questions about it. >> bill: mary katharine and juan thanks as always. will joe arpaio defy a federal judge's ruling on illegal immigration. and charles krauthammer on whether the illegal immigration chaos will be a factor in november's election. ri
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, sunday was supposed to be the day the 1200 national guard people were deployed to the southern border. we have no video to show you because apparently they are not there yet. they are in the process of going south. we don't know whether they are hitchhiking or how they are getting down there. once again the urgency of the border situation does not seem to be a top priority in washington. joining us now from phoenix the sheriff of maricopa county joe arpaio. sheriff, are you going to defy judge susan bolton who ruled last week that you, you can't order your deputies to enforce immigration law, are you going to defy her? >> i'm not going to defy her. we have been doing it. >> bill: the federal judge has ruled that you cannot tell your officers or deputies to ask anybody about their nationality or immigration status. >> that's what she says. i think she said you can't
11:23 pm
force. but we will do it. we just after the ruling we went out and did another crime suppression operation and locked up people for not showing their i.d. legally here. >> bill: if i'm one of your deputies and say i don't like, this you can't force me to do it. don't order me to go on a crime suppression raid. i'm not going to go. what do you do? >> i don't have that problem. we have been doing it for three years. >> would you fire them. >> no, i'm not going to fire them. >> bill: you just reassign them? >> you know, they are on patrol. i have detectives, special units that go after illegal immigration. i have detectives that want to do it. they are well-trained. 900 of my officers are well trained. and we're doing the job. the judge's ruling has no bearing on me. >> bill: that's what people should understand that if you do get a volunteer force who want to go on these crime suppression
11:24 pm
raids that the judge says you -- judge won't stop you, you just can't order people across the border who don't want to do it. you pick thee guys up and they don't have papers saying they should be in the united states legally. you hold them in the maricopa county jail and you hold them, right? >> bill, i don't pick them up for not having papers. pursuant to our other law enforcement activities like speeding and that type of thing. we don't go on the street corner and ask people for their papers. >> imus: caught for speeding in phoenix you don't hold me. you give me a ticket. if i'm caught you hold me, right? >> yeah. that's what we have done for flee years. >> bill: you call ice and say i have got six guys. does ice come and take them away from you? what do they do. >> we have a good relationship locally. i can't say that for washington. the six that we arrested for no driver's license, we book them into the jail.
11:25 pm
i didn't turn them over to ice. they are in jail. we put holds on them. they can't get out. >> bill: you are going to support those people in your jail. you are not going to hand them over to the feds? we keep them there until they finish their justice system whether they are convicted or what have you. then we turn them over. they are going to jail. >> bill: boo doo think always pick them up? other jurisdictions say they don't pick them up? >> 36,000 we have put holds on in jails. 36,000. and we have had no problems with ice so far. i have a gut feeling policy is going to change very soon. >> bill: that might be true. now, as far as you, you're being investigated by the fbi. the fbi is down there asking you questions and seeing if you are abusing people. has that intruded? have they interviewed you? have they come around? are they hanging around your office? what are they doing? >> let me tell you, 60 days into the obama administration the
11:26 pm
civil rights the justice department came here in mass to investigate me and my office, whether we are racial profiling. it's been a year and a half. and, you know, 40,000 people have have dealt with here illegally. where is all the evidence? we're doing our job. we're doing it professionally. it hasn't stopped me from doing my job. in fact i do more of the job. >> bill: do they intrude on your job. do they interview you requesting documents be turned over? are they around? >> i'm sure they are around. but no, we are not dealing with them because of another ethical problem. that we discovered during the course of their justice department investigation. so, we're really not cooperating that much but it doesn't bother me because we're still doing our job. >> bill: all right. so you are not cooperating with the feds at this juncture. sheriff, you are never boring man, i tell you what. you know, we're going to keep a close eye on you. anything happens down there. anything changes you let us know immediately. folks are very interested in what's happening in arizona.
11:27 pm
we appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. lady gaga was in arizona and had something to say about the new illegal alien law. wait until you hear this. bernie goldberg on whether racism is indeed involved with the rangel waters ethical thanks to t venture card from capital one, we gedouble miles on every purchase. so wearned an l.a. getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use oucard. no matter at we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer introducing the venture card from capital one with double miles on everyurchase every day. go to [ indistinct shouting ] what's in your wallet?
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mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight according to a new was muffin poll 59% of americans favor the passage of arizona like immigration law in their own state. despite a federal judge knocking some of it out. 32% completely oppose the arizona law. question now becomes will this be a factor in the upcoming november election? joining us from washington, fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. all right, you heard sheriff arpaio and obviously things are going on down there between the feds and the state. i don't think the sheriff is going to back off so i think that's going to come to a boil. and will this -- the economy is the main issue in november. it's not going to change. will this be a close second?
11:31 pm
>> i don't think it's going to be a close second. i think when the economy is this bad, unemployment has never been higher for 9% for two years in a row since the 1930s. that's pretty significant. that's way ahead number one. in the second tier, i think you are going to have several issues among them ethics, and i think probably at the top of the list is going to be just the competence of the government. you know, there was a lot of hope and change at the beginning and now they can't seem to shoot straight on a lot of -- in a lot of areas. immigration, i think, will be up there among those three. but, again, way below the economy. but, still, at particularly you know in some important states where immigration is a real live issue. i think it will be high ranking on number two. >> bill: california, arizona, and texas in particular. >> right. >> bill: new mexico doesn't seem to be that impacted for some reason. even in places like virginia where the attorney general made a ruling today widening the law
11:32 pm
to -- his law in his state to mimic the arizona laws. i think there is a lot ofage station around the country even away from the border states. >> bill: that's my point. as long as this litigation continues and as long as this cultural war. >> exactly. >> bill: cultural war continues it overrides other issues, cable tv, talk radio, driving, driving, driving. then you have the racial aspect and celebrity. -- did you know lady gaga who i know is one of your personal favorites, weighed in on the immigration law. i will show that you tape later on. everybody is getting involved with this. >> when i had the tease i thought it was the lady gaga segment. i thought i was in the wrong place. no we always lift you above lady gaga but she is coming. on your radar scope you have a situation where a federal judge says to the nation i'm going to modify some of this arizona law. it wasn't immediate, you know,
11:33 pm
look, i don't think the press really clarified what her ruling was. it was that the arizona authorities can't enforce law enforcement to ask about, this you know, papers and identity and where you are from from and all of that they can't force. as arpaio said they volunteer then the judge can't stop that that's a huge thing. >> all that means is operating under the old law. all she did was issue a stay. which simply means until this is ajude adjudicated. we will leave the situation the way it was before the law was passed. >> bill: the fix is in. >> very long process. >> bill: ninth circuit of appeals. they will take forever because they know the stay is in place and then they are going to rule -- everybody knows. >> everybody knows that they will hear the case in november which is going to be election week. so that's not going to help the administration. it's going to remind people once again, yes, the ninth circuit will got way the judge did in arizona. however, i think if i have to put money on it, i think the
11:34 pm
supreme court under its current composition will rule with arizona. >> bill: i would say a a to 4 ruling is intact there. >> no doubt about it. >> bill: this time next year when they are on vacation. next week. i was on vacation last week. i didn't get to help but the obamaview appearance. do you think that helped the president. >> i don't think it helps him at all. i don't think it hurts him. people talk about the dignity of the office. nixon did sock it to me on laugh-in. that was a low point in the history of presidential dignity and nothing has been lower since. it's not going to help him. the reason is you can appear on a show and that's fine. everybody knows he is a charming guy. charm works if you are a challenger. nobody knows who you are, you run for office, you win on charm. he won on charm and a lot of other stuff. once you are in office and you are running for re-election, you are elected or reelected on confidence, not on charm.
11:35 pm
it moves the needle half inch for a week. that's it. nothing more. >> bill: charles krauthammer, everybody, thanks very much. when we come right bark, bernie goldberg on "american idol." that program may be in big trouble. hey, it's great to see you're back after that accident. well...i couldn't have gotten by without aflac! is that different from health insurance? well yeah... ...aflac pays you cash to help with the bills that health insurance doesn't cover. really? well, if you're hurt and can't work, who's going to help pay for gas? ..the mortgage, all kinds of expenses? aflacccccccccc! it's the protection you need to stay ahead of the game... exactly! aflac. we've got you under our wing. aflac, aflac, aflac... aflac, aflac, aflac
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, two hot topics, is "american idol" in trouble and is there racism involved and ethics complaints against congressman charlie rangel and maxine waters. joining us now is bernie goldberg in carolina. he is the purveyor of bernie have you been thinking about this racism angle. i think it's pretty clear that congresswoman waters is going to make this a racial forum. what say you? >> sure is. >> well, i think the blind guy down the street that sells
11:39 pm
pencils in his tin cup could have seen this one coming. racism is just what people throw out these days. george bush was a racist because of katrina. a liberal magazine, a prominent liberal magazine online says if obama doesn't win the election in 2008 it was because of white racism. if you are against obama care, you are a racist. if you are against affirmative action, you are a racist. if you have anything to do with fox fox news, you are a racist. look, the congressional black caucus and white liberals, not all white liberals but too many white liberals have trivialized the word. they have rendered it virtually meaningless, that's a very bad thing. i made a list, bill. i did some research today with the help of your staff. and i made a list of other congress people who were charged or are being charged or will be charged in ethics violations. newt gingrich was charged. another speaker of the house jim wright was charged.
11:40 pm
senator ensign is being investigated. congressman voice was can i -- the guy who tickled being resigned after ethics investigation began. congressman mark sanders resigned before investigation could gee begin. they are all white. we need a gutsy liberal democrat to stand up and say stop, enough of this. you can't cry wolf about racism because when real racism comes down, nobody is going to pay attention. and that is a very bad thing. >> bill: who is going to do that? barney frank going to do that? >> that's that is a great question. that is a great question. and the answer is, i don't know anybody out there who is going to do it. that's the real problem. it can't be anybody on the right. it can't be any conservative no matter how well meaning he is. it has to be somebody on the left and your question is right
11:41 pm
on the money because i can't think of who that is. >> bill: maybe somebody will surprise us. but the media is also at fault here because maxine waters knows that if she makes it a racial deal. the media will pick that up, will run all day with it. talk radio will run with it cable will run with it and, in the end, nobody will know what nax seen waters allegedly did. >> i don't think this has ever happened before when i have been a guest. have you made two really good points in a row. >> bill: i'm usually good for one a show. but i have been on vacation. i'm rested. that's what's happening here. >> this is incredible. you are absolutely right. the press will become stenographers. maxine waters will say things about racism. and they will dutifully take it down and the people at home will read that maxine waters thinks
11:42 pm
it's racism. i will tell you something. good, decent people have had enough of this. the word racist used to instill fear in people. nobody's to be called a racist. it means less and less because of how they use the word. >> bill: marginalized because it's a political weapon. rangel hasn't played that tune as much. i don't know whether charles will do that as much. >> members of the congressional bylaw caucus have played it and that's not a good thing. >> bill: let's get to "american idol." this is a powerful force in american culture right now. it looks like the show is absolutely falling apart. ellen degeneres resigned. simon cowell is the creative force behind the program. he is out. and i don't know, i don't know whether this is cure revive. number one, do you care that it gives relief to a lot of people? it gives joy to a lot of people. i believe that. and, number two, is it done? >> i always care when a show, a good family show like that brings joy to people.
11:43 pm
i think that's obviously a good thing. yeah, but i want to give you a take on this that you will not hear any place else. i guarantee you that. and that is that the show has largely been a success, of course, because not entirely but largely because of simon cowell. that's because simon cowell does something that is rare in our culture. he tells the truth. now, we always tell our kids honesty is the best policy. that's a little too simple. you get in a lot of trouble. and in many cases you will get in a lot more trouble for telling the truth than telling a lie unless you are under oath, i mean. your wife says to you, how do i look in this dress? you say not too good. you are going to get in trouble for that. if you lie and say oh, you look great, you will never get in trouble for that i need to say my wife looks good in everything, you know, and that's the truth. but, here comes simon cowell and if you are a no talent hack, he says you can't carry a tune in a
11:44 pm
dump truck. get out of here. i think people at home, bill, this is my unique take. i think people at home secretly, at some level, envy that. they wish they -- >> bill: quality to mr. cowell when he does it? is there a joyfulness. >> i don't think it's sadistic at all. i think people at home wish they could be that honest and not get in trouble. but they know they will get in trouble so they don't tell the truth. and sort of cowards about that. >> bill: vicariously living through simon cowell's truth-telling. now he is gone. can't they find somebody else to do it. >> you would be a good choice. >> bill: i'm tone deaf. this is true. i'm glad you brought that up. i don't like to do that. i do it to the powerful people, people who are really harming the folks. but to some guy who can't sing, you know. >> bill, come on, the guests
11:45 pm
bring it on themselves. these people who, as i say, can't carry a tune in a dump truck. >> bill: who do you think picks those guests? the pinhead producers of the show. they want them. they line them up, bernie. >> nobody is going to their house and dragging them out of the house. they show up. >> bill: nominating bernie goldberg to take cowell's place, everybody. there you go. there is the solution to that problem. we solved it. >> that's not a bad idea. >> bill: free clothes, bernie. so take it. coming up next, lady gaga weighs in on the arizona illegal alien law. how you cannot watch this. and anthony weiner starring in pinheads and patriots this evening. moments away. ♪ myubaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that.
11:46 pm
love it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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11:48 pm
>> bill: back of the segment tonight, reality check where we span the globe for truth-telling opportunities. check one. fox news once again a big topic
11:49 pm
of discussion on cnn. >> the average american doesn't watch fox news. >> yes. they make money in the world of cable tv. [all talking at once] >> what are the numbers at fox? what are the numbers at msnbc? they are minuscule compared to the cbs evening news. we have to be careful that we don't throw fuel on the fire by jumping to all these conclusions that the country has thrown overboard any sense, any desire for rational conversation. it has not. >> in fairness the numbers at fox are not minuscule compared to cbs news. >> what is your nightly news. >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> just stick to your islands there. >> 67 million. >> and bill o'reilly gets 3 million. at that point we have to -- >> bill: all right. so i hope this is the last time i have to do this. for the record, the factor gets about 5 million viewers a night. sometimes more. when you count the second showing at 11:00 p.m., what you have to do if you want a valid comparison with the network news
11:50 pm
programs because they delay their mountain and west coast editions. all right? now howard kurtz knows that for some reason old howard continues to down play the audience here. most days we are very close to katie couric in our audience. as far as influence is concerned. well, you can make the call on that. check 2. the arizona illegal alien law has now reached the highest level lady gaga. >> i got a phone call from a couple really big rock and rollers, big pop stars. big rappers, and they said we would like you to boycott arizona. [cheers] >> weed like to you boycott arizona because of sb-1070. [boos] >> and i said [bleep] do you
11:51 pm
really think that [bleep] pop stars are going to collapse the economy of arizona? [cheers] >> i will not cancel my show. >> bill: she wouldn't cancel her show but she went on to say that she is peacefully protesting the arizona situation. check 3. a new poll on the economy says for the first time more americans blame president obama for the bad times than president bush. according to mass muffin 48% say obama's policies are to blame for the poor economy. 47% say bush. in may, 2009, 62% blame bush. 27% blamed obama. check 4. and we have a brand new bill o' poll for you. how have race relations in america been affected by barack obama's presidency? improved? gotten worse? same old same old? select one, please. how have race relations in america affected -- been affected by president obama's presidency? that's bill o'
11:52 pm
check 5. dan rather saying is he bullish on the republicans in november. >> as we sit here today, odds on the republicans take the house. i know democrats don't want to hear it retake the house. >> i agree with that. >> the democrats because the figures have so many in the senate probably hold on to the senate. it will change the center of gravity in american politics unless something dramatic happens between now and november. >> bill: check 6, but the democrats are not taking poor polling situation in stride. they are finding back. way back to 1965. >> 1965, a lot of good things came out that year. like medicare. this year, like always, we'll have our guaranteed benefits. and with the new health care at all, more good things are coming. free checkups. lower prescription costs. and better ways to protect us medicare -- see what else is new. i think you're gonna like it.
11:53 pm
>> bill: but we here giewber and floyd the barber dissent. no word on where gomer stands. no word on where gomer stands. jeff gordon and congressman thanks to aarp, we can have more nights out. and i can get more laps in. ♪ our card lets us head to the beach more often. and lets us barbecue more often. my new glasses help me see everything. the new website helps me do everything.
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bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. first big surge in premium members because of our exclusive interviews with people would you like to know more about. this week myths.
11:56 pm
martha maccallum tells almost all. again only premium members can see miss martha. everyday we have the no-spin news. cheek out premium membership on inexpensive, a lot of fun, you will like it. now the mail: >> what will it take to get the obama administration to stop the flow of illegal immigrants? all presidents since ronald reagan have looked the other way on illegal immigration. >> i stayed up to watch you on leno. you were marvelous. you should have your own show. some day. maybe juan williams will retire or laura gram and i can step in fulltime. >> were you campaigning for obama? what was he supposed to do
11:57 pm
about the oil spill? i made fun of president in the aftermath. said in the beginning no human being could have stopped the spill. my analysis i believe has been fair. >> my husband and a tended the leno show and rocked! i was the lady in the wheelchair who kept blowing kisses to you. i think jay was jealous kimberly, thanks. >> bill, your remarks about lindsay lohan on leno were pastoral. well the woman obviously needs help. we should stop mocking her and pray she gets that assistance >> i am deployed here as a member of the air force. shortly after arrived our book was sent to me, i thoroughly enjoyed it. operation shoe box out of florida has been sending my books and other nice stuff to
11:58 pm
troops around the world. a very worthy charity. they do it quietly. >> attended the bold fresh tour at west bury theater, loved you, you and beck are a great team. i appreciate that. >> saw the show at west bury, you were hysterical. i wasn't literally hysterical, was i? i don't think i was. finally pinheads and patriots. jeff gordon successful guy yearly income estimated at 21 million dollars. mr. gordon giving back donating a million and a half dollars to establish a foundation that would help a hospital in indianapolis which treats children with life-threatening diseases. he's a pate . congressman weiner got upset over his peers voting down new health care money. when asked about his
11:59 pm
passionate display mr. weiner said this. >> sometimes things make you angry. i don't have any regret to showing my anger. you got people on fox news acting angry when they are not. bill: of course fox news has nothing to do with mr. weiner's issue but he has to throw us in there. it makes him a pinhead. also, spout off from anywhere in the world, name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to the factor do not be spurious. again, thanks for watching i am bill o'reilly please remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.


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